To Whom It May Concern,
I am a wife of a disabled veteran, scout sniper; I never realized what a tight knit community it really was until we were hurting in a bad way. After my husband had served his time in the Marines he came home and we were married with a step-son who treated him as his own because of how much he takes care of him. My husband had a great job we had insurance and our credit was good enough to sign for a new truck because my car was completely broken and we were in need of a second car. One day on his way home from work a drunk driver hit him at a stop-light totaling both of their cars. My husband’s back has not been the same since. We have been struggling ever since this happened, the driver didn’t have the insurance to take care of our medical bills not to mention my husband lost his job and we could no longer afford for him to continue to see his doctor. Things got so bad we both lost our jobs and had to move in with my parents, which is never a good feeling but you do what you have to do especially when a child is involved. Things continued to get worse as our tags expired on both of our cars and we no longer even had gas money to pursue a job to take care of our family. My husband reached out to a few people for help which was very difficult for him to do but a good friend, of his got back to us, he is in charge of the Disposable Heroes Project and he gave us the stepping stone we needed to get back on our feet. I don’t know what we would have done without him or the Disposable Heroes Project; it truly saved us. Now my husband was able to repair both our cars and he can enroll back into school where he can get the GI bill to help us get back on our feet until he gets a degree. Thank you Brad McKee and Thank you for The Disposable Heroes Project. Any veteran that thinks you are alone like we did know that you’re not. Just reach out to the Disposable Heroes Project; they saved us when we thought we had no hope at all. Letter from a wife of a Marine 

Sincerely Yours,


Letter from a wife of a Marine