DHP Covers Tuition Payments For Struggling Family

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and kindness.  Because of DHP we were able to continue our baby's Catholic education.  She is the 4th child we are putting through Catholic school.  It has always been a bit of a struggle to afford a Catholic education for our children, but my husband and I both feel that it’s the best gift we can give to our children.  Unfortunately, after almost 15 years of paying tuition, we got behind on our tuition payments.   I was diagnosed Read more [...]

DHP Helps Veteran With Severe TBI

1. My son is Todd a seven-year veteran with a 70 percent service connection. However, his current injury is a severe TBI that occurred in a wrongful civilian car collision. Therefore the VA is not willing to help with the expenses of this much need Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT). Furthermore, neither Minnesota Care (which is the state we now reside in) nor Medicare will pay for this therapy because it is deemed experimental or alternative care. Moreover, I personally read up on, researched HBOT Read more [...]

Letter from a Wife of a Marine

To Whom It May Concern, I am a wife of a disabled veteran, scout sniper; I never realized what a tight knit community it really was until we were hurting in a bad way. After my husband had served his time in the Marines he came home and we were married with a step-son who treated him as his own because of how much he takes care of him. My husband had a great job we had insurance and our credit was good enough to sign for a new truck because my car was completely broken and we were in need of a second Read more [...]

Letter to Fellow Veterans

Fellow Veterans, My name is Brian and I was a Scout/Sniper in the Marine Corps and I completed three combat tours of both Iraq and Afghanistan. I finished active duty in 2010 at the rank of Sergeant. I am writing this letter to share my story of how the Disposable Heroes Project offered my family and I a helping hand when no one else would. A few years after I left active duty I was hit by a drunk driver on my way home from work. I was hurt badly and was no longer able to work and support my family. Read more [...]

One Wounded Vets View on the DHP

Most of the other thousands of Non Profits out there were formed by non military groups, with limited to zero military combat experience. They treat the Wounded Warriors like numbers or Cattle! I was most impressed with your organization, the DHP, because you stood alone out of a ocean of copy cats & wannabes! I had a one on one experience that I will never forget! That is why I feel it is a honor to assist you in becoming  a household name at the Worlds Most prestigious Military Medical Hospital! Read more [...]

Email From a Marine We Helped

I would like to express my immense gratitude to Brad McKee and the rest of DH Project. Due to re-injuring an ankle I originally injured while serving in the Marines on my last deployment, I had undergone a major corrective surgery last May, which was unsuccessful. I am now about to undergo two more surgeries back to back in the next few months, which will make these surgeries numbers 5 and 6. All these medical problems have prevented me from being able hold down a decent job. Not only from the frequent Read more [...]

A Thank You Email from a Marine We Helped

The Disposable Heroes Project

On behalf of my family and I, thank you for your very generous gifts. My family is going through a very serious financial hardship. I had to unexpectedly transfer from Hawaii back to CONUS due to severe medical conditions of my newborn son. Your generosity has put food on our plates and helped alleviate a substantial burden.

So Check This!

So check this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Through a contact, I got a text today from a Marine (3 time combat vet). The Marine informed me that his kid had come down with a horrible disease. The Marine was stationed in Hawaii when he found out about this. The only place to treat him was in San Diego. The last few months have been a nightmare for them. They had to move their whole family, stay in hotel rooms at their own expense, and much more. I asked the Marine what his biggest burden was. He said and I quote Read more [...]

DHP Helping 4 Marines Fly Home

Just got a call that some Marines needed assistance. Had four Marines that are stationed in Hawaii and are about to go Afghanistan. Before Marines leave for deployment they get a little time to go home to spend with their families. These Marines were having trouble paying for the flight cost that’s sometimes over $1,000. The Disposable Heroes Project stepped in and paid for all their flights so they could see their families before they leave for deployment. God Bless our troops. Brad DHP Read more [...]

The DHP Skydiving

Part of The Disposable Heroes Project mission is helping vets get their mind off life’s pressures and take them out for a good time. On March 23rd Brad McKee gave Sgt. Isaac Gallegos and Serviceman Josh Groom a free flight & interesting landing. Please show your support at the DHproject.org TDHP - Skydiving 03_23_12 from The Disposable Heroes Project on Vimeo. Read more [...]

Jordan McBride

A friend of Brad McKee's, Nick McDaniel, contacted him and said he and his dad, Dwayne McDaniel, wanted to provide a full-paid hunting trip for a wounded veteran. The DHP has established a relationship with Brooke Army Medical Center and asked if they had anyone who'd like to get away and go hunting. Jordan McBride, a wounded veteran from Houston, is in rehab in San Antonio, and joined McKee and Nick McDaniel for a four-day hunting trip in Sterling, Texas. "He said being in the rehab center Read more [...]

TJ’s CrossFit – Daniel Lister

On Dec. 10 Brad McKee traveled to San Francisco on behalf of the DHP. He, along with the owners of TJ's CrossFit gym in San Francisco conducted a DHP Workout of the Day (WOD), which is an hour-long, grueling workout. "We do it that way so the people participating can dig down deep and think about a small fraction of what our wounded veterans go through," McKee said. "Everyone who participated in the WOD had to donate a minimum of $25 to the DHP. You know what though," McKee said. "Of the maybe 65 Read more [...]

Crossfit Native – In honor of Jack Martin

The DHP made its way to Oklahoma City April 30, 2011, to conduct a Workout of the Day at CrossFit Native. The WOD was a heroes WOD, meaning it was dedicated to someone who gave his life in the line of service. The unique thing about the trip was that it involved the family of the hero, Jack Martin, of Oklahoma. The DHP went to dinner with Jack’s parents, who later invited them back to the house to hear stories of their son and to see his medals. “The people who have lost someone just want Read more [...]


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