Service Member Stories – James G.

How do you feel about The Disposable Heroes Project? Well I'm grateful for programs like this one, when we get down on ourselves we have a nation of amazing people doing God's work helping and giving back. If it was not for organizations like this one alot of us veterans would get even further behind and more lost than we were before. So thank you for all that you do and showing your genuine concern for our wellbeing. In what way did The Disposable Heroes Project help? They helped me pay some Read more [...]

Service Member Stories – Perry P.

How do you feel about The Disposable Heroes Project? Jennifer and I cannot thank you enough. We will never forget who helped us in a time of need. They are a wonderful giving organization. Words can not describe all the emotion that overcome us when they stepped in to help us. In what way did The Disposable Heroes Project help? DH paid for our accommodations during my amputation and post op.  It was quite the surprise when we checked out. I can't thank them enough What does their help Read more [...]

Service Member Stories

The DHP was recently contacted by the mother of a young marine who was worried for the safety of her daughter in a case of domestic abuse. The DHP didn’t hesitate to help, and was able to quickly provide money for both food and gas to reunite this veteran and her child with her mother states away.

We hold no boundaries when it comes to helping members of the community. The DHP helped this veteran quickly get out of a dangerous situation and this is what we strive to do everyday.

Service Member Stories – Chris N.

How do you feel about The Disposable Heroes Project? They are great! They have helped my family and I when we had no one to turn to! In what way did The Disposable Heroes Project help? I have recently been fighting for custody of my oldest child. I have two younger daughters and my oldest is in a bad situation with my ex. I had to pay a lot of money for trial and then she needed dental surgery. I just spent all of our emergency funds on trial and had no body to turn to. Disposable Heroes has Read more [...]

Service Member Stories – Bryce

How do you feel about The Disposable Heroes Project? The Disposable Heroes Project saved my family from a very hard time, by helping us with an overwhelming light bill that was building up. We could not afford to keep the power on, or save our food, if it was not for your project. I would just like to say thank you to The Disposable Heroes Project and to say that it was a huge blessing to be helped by someone. I am so glad that you could reach out because we couldn't find help from anyone else. Read more [...]

Service Member Stories – Robin G.

How do you feel about The Disposable Heroes Project? DHP has been a true blessing to our family and we can't thank them enough for the support! In what way did The Disposable Heroes Project help? DHP assisted my children with legal fees for a property succession after the death of their father. What does their help mean to you? DHP's assistance means we didn't have to delay necessary legal proceedings and provided support to two grieving teenage boys. Is there anything else you'd like Read more [...]

Service Member Stories – Jerald H.

How do you feel about The Disposable Heroes Project? I just got out of the military a little over a year ago, and without the DHProject, my wife and I would have not been able to get Christmas for our family because of some bills we fell behind on.  Mr. Brad McKee was awesome at keeping us informed of where the board was as far as looking over our case. Even over email, these guys take time to get to know you and your needs. You can feel the compassion they have for our Veterans just by communicating Read more [...]

Service Member Stories – Travis F.

How do you feel about The Disposable Heroes Project? They are a God send and a great organization… In what way did The Disposable Heroes Project help? They help made Christmas possible for my family and I am very grateful… What does their help mean to you? It means a lot to me because I can see my family smile… Is there anything else you'd like to share with us about your experience with The Disposable Heroes Project? They are great and have great people in the organization. Read more [...]

From the family of Daryel Kasinger

Hello Brad, When MSGT Rominick called me and told me how much you and your organization were going to help me I cried. My husband is a 14 year combat veteran of the US Marine Corps. He served in Korea, Israel, West Africa, Chile, and did two tours in Afghanistan as an 0211. He started having seizures last June, which started a string of infrequent seizures, the last one causing his his heart to stop, and despite the medics and firefighters, doctors and nurses best efforts, they could never resuscitate Read more [...]

Disposable Heroes Project | Helping Veterans | December 2015

Brad McKee, President of the Disposable Heroes Project, giving a candid overview of the most recent donation made to a disabled United States Air Force Veteran named John.  Injured while serving our country in Vietnam, John was disabled in a way that requires retrofitting of his home.  He recently relocated to Arizona and drained his savings retrofitting his new home. Hearing about this story, The Disposable Heroes Project stepped in to lend a hand to John. The charitable donation made to John Read more [...]

DHP Covers Tuition Payments For Struggling Family

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your generosity and kindness.  Because of DHP we were able to continue our baby's Catholic education.  She is the 4th child we are putting through Catholic school.  It has always been a bit of a struggle to afford a Catholic education for our children, but my husband and I both feel that it’s the best gift we can give to our children.  Unfortunately, after almost 15 years of paying tuition, we got behind on our tuition payments.   I was diagnosed Read more [...]

DHP Helps Veteran With Severe TBI

1. My son is Todd a seven-year veteran with a 70 percent service connection. However, his current injury is a severe TBI that occurred in a wrongful civilian car collision. Therefore the VA is not willing to help with the expenses of this much need Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT). Furthermore, neither Minnesota Care (which is the state we now reside in) nor Medicare will pay for this therapy because it is deemed experimental or alternative care. Moreover, I personally read up on, researched HBOT Read more [...]

Letter from a Wife of a Marine

To Whom It May Concern, I am a wife of a disabled veteran, scout sniper; I never realized what a tight knit community it really was until we were hurting in a bad way. After my husband had served his time in the Marines he came home and we were married with a step-son who treated him as his own because of how much he takes care of him. My husband had a great job we had insurance and our credit was good enough to sign for a new truck because my car was completely broken and we were in need of a second Read more [...]

Letter to Fellow Veterans

Fellow Veterans, My name is Brian and I was a Scout/Sniper in the Marine Corps and I completed three combat tours of both Iraq and Afghanistan. I finished active duty in 2010 at the rank of Sergeant. I am writing this letter to share my story of how the Disposable Heroes Project offered my family and I a helping hand when no one else would. A few years after I left active duty I was hit by a drunk driver on my way home from work. I was hurt badly and was no longer able to work and support my family. Read more [...]

One Wounded Vets View on the DHP

Most of the other thousands of Non Profits out there were formed by non military groups, with limited to zero military combat experience. They treat the Wounded Warriors like numbers or Cattle! I was most impressed with your organization, the DHP, because you stood alone out of a ocean of copy cats & wannabes! I had a one on one experience that I will never forget! That is why I feel it is a honor to assist you in becoming  a household name at the Worlds Most prestigious Military Medical Hospital! Read more [...]

Email From a Marine We Helped

I would like to express my immense gratitude to Brad McKee and the rest of DH Project. Due to re-injuring an ankle I originally injured while serving in the Marines on my last deployment, I had undergone a major corrective surgery last May, which was unsuccessful. I am now about to undergo two more surgeries back to back in the next few months, which will make these surgeries numbers 5 and 6. All these medical problems have prevented me from being able hold down a decent job. Not only from the frequent Read more [...]

A Thank You Email from a Marine We Helped

The Disposable Heroes Project

On behalf of my family and I, thank you for your very generous gifts. My family is going through a very serious financial hardship. I had to unexpectedly transfer from Hawaii back to CONUS due to severe medical conditions of my newborn son. Your generosity has put food on our plates and helped alleviate a substantial burden.

So Check This!

So check this!!!!!!!!!!!!! Through a contact, I got a text today from a Marine (3 time combat vet). The Marine informed me that his kid had come down with a horrible disease. The Marine was stationed in Hawaii when he found out about this. The only place to treat him was in San Diego. The last few months have been a nightmare for them. They had to move their whole family, stay in hotel rooms at their own expense, and much more. I asked the Marine what his biggest burden was. He said and I quote Read more [...]

DHP Helping 4 Marines Fly Home

Just got a call that some Marines needed assistance. Had four Marines that are stationed in Hawaii and are about to go Afghanistan. Before Marines leave for deployment they get a little time to go home to spend with their families. These Marines were having trouble paying for the flight cost that’s sometimes over $1,000. The Disposable Heroes Project stepped in and paid for all their flights so they could see their families before they leave for deployment. God Bless our troops. Brad DHP Read more [...]

The DHP Skydiving

Part of The Disposable Heroes Project mission is helping vets get their mind off life’s pressures and take them out for a good time. On March 23rd Brad McKee gave Sgt. Isaac Gallegos and Serviceman Josh Groom a free flight & interesting landing. Please show your support at the TDHP - Skydiving 03_23_12 from The Disposable Heroes Project on Vimeo. Read more [...]

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