Check out Major Burkett sporting the DHP shirt at Walter Reed Medical Center. Also check out his response to us hooking him up with a pair of Gloves.
Mr. Brad, good evening.
I recently had the pleasure of sharing a table with David, another patient and WRNMMC, in one of the chow halls in the hospital.  Well, last week he rolls up to me after crushing another PT session and asks me if I was an active duty Marine?  Responding in the affirmative, he asks if I was a Major?  Again, I respond in the affirmative.  Then he hands me a pair of gloves from the Disposable Heroes Project and proceeds to tell me about your dedicated cause.
I simply wanted to thank you for the gloves and for all you do for the wounded and injured Marines (and Sailors, but mostly Marines).  He knows that I am an aspiring archer and that I have a pretty good shot at making the US Para-Archery Team.  I might have to call on your services in the future.  However, for the time being, THANK YOU for a killer pair of Gloves!
Respectfully yours,
Richard Burkett

Major Burkett Sporting the DHP Shirt