The DHP was recently able to help Kelly, a fellow Veteran, by covering all of his bills in addition to a $1,000 Wal-Mart gift card so he could buy his kids something for Christmas.

Here is what Kelly has to say,

The DHP is a wonderful, fast acting, and majorly beneficial organization. Their response, welcoming nature, and professionalism was a great relief to my family and me. At a time that couldn’t have been better, the DHP helped my family and me get out of a revolving door of never-ending debt. Their assistance has gotten us back on our feet and even ahead of our struggles. We couldn’t be more happy or relieved of our stress from the help we have received from The Disposable Heroes Project. Never mind your pride. If you are struggling, just give the DHP a call. They will go to great lengths to give whatever aid they can as fast as they can. I was helped in less than a week, which was amazing!

This is what the DHP is all about. So happy we could assist, Kelly! We want to wish you and your family a wonderful Christmas!