A friend of Brad McKee’s, Nick McDaniel, contacted him and said he and his dad, Dwayne McDaniel, wanted to provide a full-paid hunting trip for a wounded veteran. The DHP has established a relationship with Brooke Army Medical Center and asked if they had anyone who’d like to get away and go hunting.

Jordan McBride, a wounded veteran from Houston, is in rehab in San Antonio, and joined McKee and Nick McDaniel for a four-day hunting trip in Sterling, Texas.

“He said being in the rehab center every day can get so depressing and monotonous, and there are guys screaming around him,” McKee said. “Hunting is something he likes, and he kept saying how exciting and relieving it was to get out for a few days.”

McKee and McDaniel had a bag about 3 feet long full of everything he could need to hunt, including all types of camouflage, boots, jackets, thermals, pants, socks, shirts and the rifle.

“He had the biggest kill that weekend,“ McKee said. “He shot a 10-point buck.” The DHP is having it mounted for him. “That’s what this is about,” McKee said. “Projects like these relieve so much stress for these veterans, even if it’s just for a short period of time.”