How do you feel about The Disposable Heroes Project?
We are loving this organization. From first email to funds approved and delivered took roughly 24 hours. Approval was a matter of hours. They are wonderful. They truly do care and work as quickly as they can. They are small and local which means things can move quicker than the giant national organizations that usually take weeks to get approval and delivery.

In what way did The Disposable Heroes Project help?
We needed help with deposit to move into a different house. The house we were in  needed a lot of repairs and was no longer suitable., so we were in a bind and things needed to move quickly.  They were able to help us secure the funds in a matter of hours.

What does their help mean to you?
I cannot put into words how much relief their helps has brought us. The emotional weight that has been lifted because we don’t have to worry anymore can’t be measured in dollars.  The worry had effected every aspect of our lives but especially our sleep. I think we will sleep more soundly tonight than we have in weeks.