Holidays for Heroes
Now - December 19, 2016

Join Valluzzo Companies, McDonald’s, and The Disposable Heroes Project this holiday season as we join together to lift up our nation’s heroes.

Help us to ensure two local Vet families each receive a wonderful Christmas of clothes, toys, and other gifts this year by donating at a participating McDonald’s Location.

How You Can Help

📋 Read family profiles
🎁 Bring your gift(s) to a participating McDonald’s location
🤗 Spread holiday cheer!

Meet The Families

Family 1:

  • Mother
    Likes: College/School supplies (such as notebooks, pencils, pens, post it notes, highlighters, planner, etc.), Workout Gear
  • Father
    Likes: Harley Davidson clothing, landscaping tools, power tools
  • Male, 3 Years Old
    Likes: Action figures, Hot Wheels, trucks
  • Twin Females, 1 year old

Family 2:

  • Mother & Father
  • Male, 16 years old, 11th grade
    Likes: music, sports, video games
  • Female, 14 years old, 8th grade
    Likes: fashion, makeup, music
  • Male, 8 years old, 3rd grade
    Likes: action heroes, grames, music, sports
  • Female, 9 months old

Clothing sizes for Family 2:

  • Father - size 44 pants, 3XL shirts
  • Mother - size 12 pants, Medium/Large shirts
  • 16-year-old son - size 32 pants, Medium/Large shirts
  • 14-year-old daughter - size 10-11 Jr Misses, Medium/Large shirts
  • 8-year-old son - size 8 slim or regular pants, 8-10 shirts
  • 9-month-old daughter - size 18-24 months pants, 18-24 months shirts

You can drop off your gift or gifts based on their profiles at any of four Valuzzo Companies’ McDonald’s locations in Hammond through December 19th.

Gifts should be UNWRAPPED and NEW

Please label each gift - Family #1 or Family #2

Drop Off Locations

  • 1750 SW Railroad Ave.
  • 1913 N. Morrison Blvd.
  • 3009 Hwy 190 W
  • 43133 S. Airport Rd.

Together we can make this holiday great for two of our nation’s heroes. Merry Christmas!