The DHP was recently able to help Gregory and his family make ends meet just when they needed it most. Months before, Gregory and his family were renovating a home and ended up being out $40,000 caught up in a family dispute after part of the family decided to sell the house from under them. Being told they had no arguable case and no money left to fight the decision, Gregory and his family then moved to a new area and attempted to create a new beginning for themselves. Right before Christmas, his wife’s van stopped one day and would no longer restart. The family spent the last $100 to their name having the van towed. We stepped in to help get the van looked at, get it repaired, and get the family back on the road. We were also able to assist with some of the family’s bills and assure their children had a good Christmas. According to Gregory, “Each and every person in this organization is a blessing. We had nowhere left to turn. We were out of options. These wonderful people stepped in and helped when we needed it most.” We’re so happy we could make a positive impact on you and your family, Gregory!