Start Your Own DHP Fundraiser

It’s no secret that non-profits are able to better accomplish their mission when people who love their cause are able to offer financial support. Understanding this, Facebook rolled out its Personal Fundraiser feature which allows followers of non-profit Facebook pages to be able to host their own fundraisers in support of their favorite causes.


Our Mission:

The mission of the DHP is to recognize, honor and support our wounded, former, fallen and active duty troops. The DHP is proud to serve all branches of the military and their families. We aim to ensure our American troops are never without needed assistance. Our mission will never fade. It will only get stronger.


Here are some ideas for launching your own personal fundraiser to support DHP:

  • Your birthday
  • Memorial Day in honor of a fallen loved one
  • On 9/11
  • On Veteran’s Day
  • On Flag Day
  • On the birthday of a fallen loved one
  • On “Giving Tuesday” (the Tuesday after Thanksgiving)
  • On D-Day


Get Started:

Click the button below to start your own fundraiser, then click on “raise money”. And don’t forget to share it with us @DHProject!


Birthday Fundraiser Example:

On June 2, 2017 for her 44th birthday, DHP supporter Kim, encouraged her friends to donate to the DHP in honor of her brother CW3 James “Jimmy” Newman. She asked her friends to help her raise $200 and they came through and surpassed the goal raising $245! Check it out here:

Download the image below to use for your Facebook fundraiser header!

Tips on Achieving Your Goal:

  1. Set a realistic, but lofty, attainable goal
  2. Personally thank each person who donates by replying/commenting on their donation
  3. Share on your own profile
  4. Remind people every few days that they can donate, time is running out, deadline is approaching, etc
  5. Share in the event why this non-profit is important to you