Hello Brad,

When MSGT Rominick called me and told me how much you and your organization were going to help me I cried. My husband is a 14 year combat veteran of the US Marine Corps. He served in Korea, Israel, West Africa, Chile, and did two tours in Afghanistan as an 0211. He started having seizures last June, which started a string of infrequent seizures, the last one causing his his heart to stop, and despite the medics and firefighters, doctors and nurses best efforts, they could never resuscitate him for any real length of time. Only long enough to get him into a CT scan of his brain to find significant swelling from being without oxygen for so long.

His death was extremely unexpected and has left me grasping at little straws of faith and meaning while trying to explain to my kids that daddy’s body was broken and his soul went to be with Jesus, and we don’t have him here with us anymore, only in our hearts. My youngest is 3, and is really struggling with this because he just doesn’t understand. I am not working, and had been made his caregiver through the VA, allowing me to stay home with him to manage his day, and be his security blanket, and help him manage his PTSD and TBI symptoms.

Your very generous donation for funeral costs and helping me pay all my bills for the next month has helped me relieve some of the worry and anxiety of figuring out the next step, and is allowing me to be more present for my children as we all figure out what life will be like without our leader. Thank you will never be enough to truly express my gratitude, but thank you. Thank you so much.

Melissa Kasinger and the Kasinger kids