I would like to express my immense gratitude to Brad McKee and the rest of DH Project. Due to re-injuring an ankle I originally injured while serving in the Marines on my last deployment, I had undergone a major corrective surgery last May, which was unsuccessful. I am now about to undergo two more surgeries back to back in the next few months, which will make these surgeries numbers 5 and 6. All these medical problems have prevented me from being able hold down a decent job. Not only from the frequent inability to even walk, but from the severe pain I’m always dealing with. All this has led to me having major financials problems which the VA has not been of any assistance with and has even caused my landlord to provide me with a 5 day eviction notice. Brad caught word of this on a Recon/Sniper Facebook page we are apart of. He asked me for more details about my situation and provided that to the rest of the DH Project crew and they agreed to help without hesitation. Brad quickly overnighted me enough funds to be able to get caught up on my rent and avoid being evicted and possibly homeless just less than a week before my next much needed surgery.

From what I have learned in the past few days, the DH Project’s generosity, as well as their unwavering dedication and loyalty to not only myself, but many other veterans, has made a huge impact on many of ours and our families lives. No amount of words can express the appreciation for what they have done for me and needless to say will continue to do for other veteran’s in the future, but again, thank you so much for what you have done! Email From a Marine We Helped

Semper Fi!


Email From a Marine We Helped