Brad McKee, President of the Disposable Heroes Project, giving a candid overview of the most recent donation made to a disabled United States Air Force Veteran named John.  Injured while serving our country in Vietnam, John was disabled in a way that requires retrofitting of his home.  He recently relocated to Arizona and drained his savings retrofitting his new home. Hearing about this story, The Disposable Heroes Project stepped in to lend a hand to John. The charitable donation made to John this December will help offset the costs of the renovations and modifications to his new home and help him along in building back his savings.

Although we can never truly repay our Veterans and active duty troops for their service and sacrifice, The Disposable Heroes Project is committed to doing whatever it takes to recognize, honor and support our wounded, former, fallen and active duty troops. The Disposable Heroes Project is proud to serve all branches of the military and their families. We aim to ensure our American troops are never without needed assistance. Our mission will never fade. It will only get stronger.

The Disposable Heroes Project is a 501 (c)(3) nonprofit organization that relies on donations to fund its efforts. No donation is too small, and your charitable contribution is tax deductible. Remember, it’s your turn to serve!

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