1. My son is Todd a seven-year veteran with a 70 percent service connection. However, his current injury is a severe TBI that occurred in a wrongful civilian car collision. Therefore the VA is not willing to help with the expenses of this much need Hyperbaric Oxygen Treatment (HBOT). Furthermore, neither Minnesota Care (which is the state we now reside in) nor Medicare will pay for this therapy because it is deemed experimental or alternative care. Moreover, I personally read up on, researched HBOT and have concluded it will definitely benefit Todd and provide hope for a better recovery. HBOT is very expensive whereas, the prescription calls for 40 treatments at $200 a piece (8000 plus an additional 1050 for the assessments). Money is limited since my only income comes from caring for Todd and his income is social security, disability, and VA compensation at the 70 percent rate. Since this requires a two month stay, and we do not reside here, living expenses of $7200 is another factor and the need to have a clean handicap accessible environment was a necessity, as well as the fact that I must provide care for my son and live with him as he cannot live alone. We rent a¬†handicap accessible van for $2600, to transport Todd to and from appointments. Special clothing (100 percent cotton $125) is yet another added expense. Additionally, due to Todd’s injury his only way to travel from Minnesota to Louisiana is via the Amtrak train. Without that it is a grueling day and a half journey from St Paul to Chicago to NOLA and it may be 30 plus hours, but it truly is his only realistic hope for travel at this time. It cost roughly 2200. We have a Go Fund page for Todd and to date have raised just over $3200. The donation we received from DHP is greatly appreciated. It truly helps when other organizations have been boxed in to tight parameters.
2. And 3. Words can barely express how much the help from DHP means to us. I have had many restless nights while seeing who would help and how I would maintain this opportunity for my son. They have truly been and answer to prayer affording us $1500 towards our hotel living expenses.
DHP is a real hands-on caring organization that is able to see straight through the situation knowing that the veteran is a person with a real life that can suffer from real-life circumstances. Someone with a real life that can suffer from real life circumstances. Bad things happen to good people and DHP helps to make those things better. Helping to make lemonade out of life’s lemons. Again, thank you