The Disposable Heroes Project conducted its first obstacle course on Aug. 27, 2011. The event was the largest in the hometown of the DHP founders, Hammond, La.  About 200 people gathered on the top level of the Southeastern Louisiana University parking deck to support American troops.
The parents of Matthew Wildes, a fallen soldier from Hammond who gave the ultimate sacrifice before his 19th birthday, watched as more supporters poured in to compete for the best time in their American flag DHP t-shirts.
The DHP tries to dedicate each event to a wounded veteran or family of a fallen soldier.  “August 27 is a day we won’t forget,” said Mary Wildes, mother of Matthew Wildes. “Today is the two-year anniversary of Matthew’s death.  A lot of people don’t think about the troops,” Mary said. “Today is important to us,” she told participants before the race.
With obstacles such as a slip and slide, blanket crawl, sand bag run and hurdle jump, Sgt. Brad McKee, founder of the DHP, gave extra encouragement to participants at the start line.
“Imagine going to bed every night without your son or daughter,” McKee told the crowd. “That’s what Mary and Clint Wildes do every night. This is what DHP is about- honoring those soldiers.”
The Disposable Heroes Project raised more than $10,000 that day. All proceeds, excluding event expenses, go toward serving wounded veterans and families of fallen soldiers through the country financially, emotionally and spiritually.
“This is just the first year, and we’ve learned a lot of lesson planning the event,” DHP co-founder Samuel Macaluso said. “We’ll be doing more like this, and the next one will be 10 times better.”
With your support, we can continue to reach more people who fight for our freedom, and families of those who gave the ultimate sacrifice. Those people need to know they are not just a number, and they will never be forgotten.
The DHP offers our sincere appreciation for your encouragement, support and involvement.

Copy Written by : Bridgette Bonner