The DHP made its way to Oklahoma City April 30, 2011, to conduct a Workout of the Day at CrossFit Native. The WOD was a heroes WOD, meaning it was dedicated to someone who gave his life in the line of service.
The unique thing about the trip was that it involved the family of the hero, Jack Martin, of Oklahoma. The DHP went to dinner with Jack’s parents, who later invited them back to the house to hear stories of their son and to see his medals. “The people who have lost someone just want to talk about their loved ones,” said Sgt. Brad McKee, founder of DHP. “It’s a stress reliever, and for a little while, their feelings aren’t pent up.”
In passing, his parents mentioned Jack’s ashes were in Washington, and they’d never seen them. The comment stuck in the minds of Brad and DHP co-founder, Samuel Macaluso, and with the help of Kirk Suiter, CrossFit Native owner and Southwest Airlines employee, the DHP was able to surprise the couple with tickets to Washington whenever they wanted to go.
Jack’s parents and siblings spoke to the CrossFit Native WOD participants before their workout and told them about Jack’s love for the military, CrossFit, and his sense of humor. Brad participated with Jack’s medic pack on his back- a constant reminder of Jack as the athletes went through the intense hour-long WOD.
“The crowd was energetic, and it meant more because they got to hear form the family of the person they were honoring in their WOD,” Brad said. The DHP has kept in contact with the Martin family, as they try to do with all families. “We want them to know if they need anything after that, we’re here,” Brad said. “We’re not a one-time stop, handing over a check and moving on.”
Copy written by: Bridgette Bonner