Girl donate $100 to DHPDisposable Heroes Project is very thankful for people who care for our veterans just as much as we do; people like Caroline. Through her own determination she was able to raise $100.00 to donate to our cause. It takes a truly loving and compassionate person to do something so great. With her donation, we are one step closer to being able to help another veteran. Whether it’s buying a laptop computer to help ease the stress of going back to college, helping a family pay the bills while a veteran is hospitalized, or helping to make career resources available, your donation can mean that much more to someone who was willing to risk everything for you.

Together we can help support our troops in their efforts to adjust back into society. Oculous VR Founder, Palmer Luckey, is a shining example of why we should step in and step up. In order to help those who miss their Military Buddies, and to ease the thoughts of there being danger all around them; he created a video game to help the transition into the new norm that much easier. With your donations, we can help those like Luckey to reach out a helping hand.

Even if giving $100.00 is a stretch for some who still want to help, our t-shirt collection is more than enough to help give back. For only $25.00 you can help a veteran in need and get the word out about our cause by simply stepping out the door for a quick grocery run or to pick up the kids from school in our t-shirts. Our veterans were there for us when we were in need, and it’s only right to be there for them!

Showcase your new DHProject gear on social media with the hashtag #HowDoYouServe!