In July of 2011 we took our second annual trip to Boston for The DH Project Harbor Cruise Fundraiser thrown by Neil White and Mike Pitts. These guys contacted us two years ago wanting to help us raise funds to aid our mission and they did just that. Neil and Mike have spearheaded this event the past two years and they’ve done an amazing job, hats off to them! The event is a three-hour cruise around the historic Boston Harbor in a ship built for entertaining.

Outfitted with a band, hors d’oeuvres, some Harpoon sponsored brew, and great people gathering for a worthy cause, we made some wake in the harbor in the name of our brave soldiers. However, this was not the only event on our New England agenda. We were fortunate enough to be accompanied by two wounded soldiers, Joseph and Samantha, from the Brooke Ashley Medical Center in San Antonio, Texas. These two soldiers thought they were simply along to help raise awareness at our fundraiser, however earlier that day we were able to surprise them with a private tour of Fenway Park! This had been a dream of Samantha’s as she has been a lifelong Red Sox fan. As we strolled through the hallowed grounds of the most historic baseball park in the world, and seeing the looks on Joseph and Samantha’s faces, we couldn’t help but feel truly lucky to be able to provide opportunities like this to those who truly deserve them.

It’s those smiles that make all of our hard work worthwhile and will only drive us to bring more of them to the faces of our freedom fighters.


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DH Project Harbor Cruise Fundraiser