The Disposable Heroes Project was founded in August 2009 by former Marine Corps sniper Brad McKee, who served two tours of duty in Iraq. Inspired by the story of a former Special Ops Marine, McKee along with the assistance of two friends Samuel Macaluso and Kyle Clements, decided to run 100 miles in honor of military veterans who have given their lives to protect our nations freedom. In April 2010, McKee completed the mission and ran 106.4 miles from Braithwaite, LA to Hammond, LA. In July 2011, DHP was granted its official 501 (c)(3) nonprofit status.  However, McKee’s mission wasn’t complete. In June 2014, McKee decided to challenge his limits and raise continued awareness of DHP and its services, by running 200 miles from Point Le Hache, LA to Hammond, LA.


It is a travesty when the ones who sacrifice their lives for our country are pushed to the back of our minds. The Disposable Heroes Project strives to bring our troops back to the forefront by making them the spotlight of special events, personal mini-bios, and fundraisers to support their cause.


There are numerous times individuals in our Armed Forces are met with obstacles when readjusting to civilian life. The Disposable Heroes Project makes it a point to offer support. With a variety of assistance from housing to travel, we make it a priority to give back and help those who have already done the same for us.

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