On Dec. 10 Brad McKee traveled to San Francisco on behalf of the DHP. He, along with the owners of TJ’s CrossFit gym in San Francisco conducted a DHP Workout of the Day (WOD), which is an hour-long, grueling workout. “We do it that way so the people participating can dig down deep and think about a small fraction of what our wounded veterans go through,” McKee said. “Everyone who participated in the WOD had to donate a minimum of $25 to the DHP. You know what though,” McKee said. “Of the maybe 65 people who participated, there was not one check for $25. It was $50 here, $100 there, and we raised about $10,000. To make the fundraiser more meaningful, and to show veterans people are grateful for their service, the DHP brought a wounded veteran to the event in California. “It was the first one we took a veteran to, so it was very unique,” McKee said.
Daniel Lister, a veteran from Marietta, Ga., lost a leg, badly injured the other leg, lost both testicles and gallbladder, suffered from brain damage and had metal in his stomach and intestines serving our country. He has a wife and two kids, and his wife now takes on the duties of both parents. He and his wife accompanied McKee to San Francisco. “A friend of theirs contacted me and said they were having a hard time,” McKee said. “We wanted them to get out the house and see how we raise money. They had an excellent time.“ McKee found out the family had furniture needs and were sharing beds and putting clothes on the floor because they had no dressers, so the DHP fully furnished their house. “They were amazed just by the WOD and said it was such a relief from everyday stressful life and that they couldn’t ask for more,” McKee said. “Then we told them about the furniture and they were both in tears. They broke down.”
Their reactions had just as much impact on the people participating in the WOD, McKee said. “There wasn’t a dry eye in that building, especially when Daniel spoke about the struggles of everyday life,” McKee said. The final surprise for the Lister family is a fully paid seven-day cruise for the whole family. “They told us they filmed their kids’ reactions when they told them about the cruise Christmas morning, and they’re sending us the film,” McKee said. Following the San Francisco trip, McKee traveled to San Antonio to the Brooke Army Medical Center Dec. 14-18.

Copy Written by : Bridgette Bonner