The mission of the Disposable Heroes Project (DHP) is to recognize, honor and support our wounded, former, fallen and active duty troops. The DHP is proud to serve all branches of the military and their families. We aim to ensure our American troops are never without needed assistance. Our mission will never fade. It will only get stronger.

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DHP strives to bring our nation’s heroes back to a position of prominence by providing unique and necessary services to our men and women in uniform. By supporting these brave troops and their families, through a variety of different avenues, DHP ensures our heroes have continued assistance from a nation grateful for their service.     

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Our Impact

Most of the other thousands of nonprofits out there were formed by non military groups, with limited to zero military combat experience. They treat the Wounded Warriors like numbers or Cattle!  I was most impressed with your organization, the DHP, because you stood alone out of a ocean…

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How It All Started

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